You can help Sarge by donating at any Utah County Credit Union (UCCU) branch near you!

You can also help Sarge by donating at any Utah County Credit Union (UCCU) branch near you or by using the donate button below!

Call or walk into the nearest UCCU branch and tell them you would like to donate to the "Surgery for Sarge" account under Blu's Ranch & Rescue. Call (800) 453-8188. Thank you for helping Sarge!!

meet sarge

meet sarge
our beautiful pup

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our visit with Dr. Glawe

We took Sarge to Denver to meet with Dr. Glawe. After looking over the xrays and a thorough examination, he feels Sarge has a good chance of recovery. His pelvis is broken and is caved in a little from the stress of only using one leg to walk on, and his kneecap is on the side of his leg and will need to be moved back into place. So as long as he has good cartilage and we start exercising his muscles and ligaments on his hurt leg he has a great chance at using his leg again. it won't be 100% but if we don't take care of the leg, he will eventually loose his ability to walk. We will be looking at different benefits for fundraising so if you have a great idea or would love to donate time/talent to help Sarge, let me know.


  1. What is the cost going to be? How much have you raised?

  2. The cost for surgery and pre/post work is 5600.00. We are still trying to raise 3800.00. We are in the process of putting together a fund raiser in his honor to raise the rest. We are so appreciate to all of the help that we have received so far. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!